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TheNewYouClinic in India brings the latest in Best Cosmetic and Facelift Surgery for a better looking YOU! We offer highly personalized services to suit your specific needs. Understanding a client forms a crucial part of our entire procedure. We have regular counseling sessions to understand each of our clients better, his/her needs and requirements from the surgery. Only then do we suggest them the correct surgical procedure. We understand that in today’s world looks are very important also we are ready to go that extra mile to make you not only look good but also feel good and confident.

Our cosmetic surgeons are the best in India equipped with exceptional skills, wide experience and innovative techniques. Our founding members have been trained abroad from renowned medical schools & hold several years of experience. This technical expertise coupled with experience makes them seasoned professionals in the Cosmetic Surgery field in India "For Youthful & Vibrant Appearance"

We offer India’s most comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Some of the services we offer:

Face lift

Commonest surgical procedure performed for droopiness of eye brow, check, sagging around the jaw line and neck. Cosmetic face lift helps to correct these imperfections and makes you youthful and self confident.


This is a procedure to remove excess fat along with skin and sometimes muscle from eyelids. This procedure corrects baggy / puffy and drooping eyelids, features that make you look older.


Procedure Performed to correct bat ears or prominent ears. Usually performed after 6 yrs of age.

Face and Neck Liposuction

Liposculpture/Lipectomy is a technique to remove excess / unwanted fat deposits from your face/neck. It is sometimes done in combination with cosmetic face lift.

Double chin reduction

We perform sub mental liposuction. This is sometimes combined with genioplasty for more desirable results.

Dimple Creation: “For Cute looking face”

Procedure performed on cheeks or chin depending on individual requirements. Usually carried out as an outpatient basis on local anesthesia. The entire procedure is done from the inner side of your cheek (inside mouth) and it takes 30-45mins.

Derma fillers:  “Young again in minutes”

Hyaluronic acid fillers: these fillers are FDA approved derma fillers with no allergic reaction and are safe. This is used to treat smile lines, naso-labial folds and to plump up your lips.

Lip & Cheek Augementation

Procedure that is intended to enhance / augment lips and cheeks.

To augment your lips / cheeks various types of augmentation materials available are implants, derma-fillers (restylane), or injection with the patient’s own fat

Lip Lift

This procedure is performed when your upper lip covers your teeth too much; features that make you look older.

This procedure lifts your upper lip with respect to the teeth giving you a broader smile with youthful appearance.

Brow lift

This procedure corrects drooping eye brows and carried out as part of upper face rejuvenation.


Botulinum toxin FDA approved agent used to correct Facial lines, folds or wrinkles on your face.

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