Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Rhinoplasty Bangalore: “For a perfect nose”

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery is a common surgical procedure performed on individuals who are not happy with their overall appearance of their nose or sometimes performed if any functional disturbances, such as deviated nasal septum, difficulty in breathing etc.

Nose and chin are two areas of the face which gives an individual a prominent appearance or profile. If you are looking for Rhinoplasty in Bangalore your search ends here. The New You clinic uses the latest technology to provide the best Rhinoplasty in Bangalore

New You clinic, Bangalore has solutions for all your Nose job issues

Most common reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty (nose job) include:

  • Aesthetic purposes: To improve the way you look
  • Septoplasty: To open blocked nasal passages because of deviated septum
  • Breathing-related: To improve breathing and remove obstructions
  • Corrective Rhinoplasty: To correct an injury or birth deformity

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) includes three main procedures:

  • Lifting the skin of the nose from the bone and cartilage
  • Reshaping bone and cartilage to the desired shape
  • Covering the new base with the nose skin

Each of these procedures requires the skill and expertise of a qualified and experienced surgeon to get the desired outcome. Our cosmetic surgeons are not only qualified to handle such intricate surgeries but also have delivered exceptional results from time to time

Our Rhinoplasty treatment provides solutions for the following ailments:

  • Deviated or Hump Nose
  • Narrowing of bulbous nose
  • Nostrils narrowing
  • Nose lengthening/shortening
  • Deformity due to birth or injury and many more

If you are still thinking whether you need a rhinoplasty or not, talk to our counselors and they will help you in taking the right decision

Contact us for all you’re thinking about Nose Job surgery. After all you also have the right to flaunt that perfect nose!